Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Catering at Batu Pahat by Dzan Catering

As mention in prev entry, catering food was by Dzan Catering.

Korang takkan menyesal hire dorg because they knew wuts best for ur wed.
They even suggest wut kind of song u shud provide during berarak.
I dun have much time to download any malay songs, luckily they have backup malay songs.
So they kinda good on arranging/mix my english songs with their malay songs.
Altho masa berarak menuju ke dewan, muka aku dah berkerut dgr lagu melayu yang asing di telinga.
It's like bila plak aku download and burn lagu ni?
But masa dalam dewan, i understand they mix the songs. The malay songs that they chose not really bad at all.
Masa berarak tak ingt lagu aper. ahaha i was busy smiling to all cameras and being careful not to step on my own dress. :p

Actually my parents yang cari catering.
I tak tahu menahu.
Tugas i pilih color alas meja.
Menu parents i yang pilih.
Since dorg banyak g wed, im sure the knew well.

But setahu i, catering ni agak femes di batu pahat.
Plus mmg berbaloi, sbb dorg provide dancers as well.
So tak payah pening kepala nak cari penari zapin n joget.:)
We really satisfied with their services.
Rasanyerh food ok dat day. Ramai cakap sedap.

Cuma ada a few things i think they can improve better:-

  • Color alas meja patut lebih variety - Provide more soft and pastel colors. Since trends nowadays 2011/2012 are pastel colors. I choose dusty pink because thats da only pastel color in their package! hahaha. 
  • They shud change their mic/improve their sound system. Mic ala2 karaoke je. Because i dgr dari atas pelamin, sound tak berapa clear. Im pretty sure it's da mic. See even tho i shud just sit on the pelamin n enjoy the day, i still notice this small lil things. :p
But for me, it just small things. Yang penting we love their services. Efficient ok. Khamis malam dah abes setup pasang semua nyerh. 

Contact them for more details kie.

P/S: Yesterday, i had fever and hubby took care of me. We just move to our house at Damansara and the house still in the mess. Worst is, it's rain after office hour and we were caught in the jam. Hubby had to buy me bubur ayam MCD since i ate nothing from morning and dats the only thing i can digest. I hardly sick, once i sick it's seriously terrible ok. I was shaking and fall asleep in the car during the traffic jam. Our house ceiling got leaking when we reached home and the bedroom got affected a bit with some drain. Hubby have to clean the drain by himself while im so weak straight to bed after took medicine. It was bad day but i believe this is just lil test for us. Hope we will be able to go tru all His tests along this marriage life. InsyaAllah. However, it feels good to have husband on your side, take care of u, and go tru this hard situation together. :)


LisaLisut said...

dpt catering yg bagus tau wpn batu pahat.i ni seremban susah sungguh aritu nk cr.dh jmpa igtkan ok.dia buat mcm endah tak endah sgt je.ade la benda tak puas hati tp mls nk bising dan byr je.buat tatau je.dh slmt kawin pn.biar tuhan je bls :)

menn said...

Sama la katerer kita.puas hati guna dzan..patutla tgk rye punya gambar mcm kenal jek katerer tu..hehe

oshinz said...

get well soon sis!!!! =)

Rai said...

Lisa: tuhla buat business kena ikhlas. baru lah berkat kan.

Men: kan? parents i yg kenal dorg.

Oshinz: tq dear. :) tinggal batuk jer skg tak sudah2

ZARA said...

Rai!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! u dah kahwin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congrats!!!! sorry lah i lama ketinggalan :( i tak sure i dah wish u ke belum. anyway, selamat berbahagia ok?

btw, i yang kat melaka ni amek Dzan jugak untuk my 2nd reception. my mom pon sort of kenal diorang...

Rai said...

Zara: hehehehe tengkiuuu Zara~ u dah wish arituh. u amek Dzan gak ke. hehe sure satisfied kan. update la blog u. lama dah u menyepi. huhu

Anonymous said...

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coz i cannot get the info from the site

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