Monday, January 31, 2011

Bilik pengantin

Since baju akad nikah dah beli kain n dah tempah n it's soft/dusty pink~ (sgtla nerbes pk outcomenyerh. harap da designer able to meet my expectations.) i can concentrate on other things which is bilik pengantin!

Sebenaryerh takder pon semangat sangat nk decorate ke balik bp masa chinese new year ni sure mak akan tanyerh nk langsir color aper sbb dorg nk belikan langsir awal2. lagipon bilik pengantin bukan la bilik aku. tumpang bilik akak je. so decorate cantik2 pon nti bukannyerh i will sleep in da room pon. huhu.

katil pon remain jerh kot. tatau. balik kena tanyer dorg. i dun mind keep everythg as it is. nanti tukar cadar n langsir n sarung bantal n sarung comforter cantikla tuh. tambah la lampu meja. bunga kecik sket. frame2 gambar.

so ni 2 gambar bilik pengantin yang aku suka.

I luv white. tp kalau semuanyerh white sudah tentu boring. So i think utk sarung bantal adalah gabungan putih n turquoise. Maybe langsir boleh beli color cream or cream brownish a bit.

Bunga n lampu kena ada ciri2 putih/turquoise/coklat sket.
cadar putih~ kalau ada element garis brownish/perak/gold/silver sket kat cadar tuh sure cantik.
cadar beli time mega sale bulan 6 nanti la.
I have ideas on the frame gambar. hehe. My DIY stuffs Insyaallah.

Hah ok la ni kan. tak perlu over.
So the tone color will be like this:-

Friday, January 28, 2011

Best Body Scrubs - any recommendations?

Sekarang ni mulala rasa nak jaga kebersihan n kecantikan secara detail.
akaka. kalau leh nak kulit mulus pulus dan halus.
Kalau tengok kat body shop nyerh website, gila banyak. rasa nak beli semua je.
Selalu rasa tempted tengok packaging yang cantik. Padahal dulu kerja kat company beauty mmg tau ni hanyala strategy pemasaran semata2. Selalu nyer ingredient dorg lebey kurg je. Tambah wangi2 sket. Buat copy yang memberangsangkan di packaging/website, confirmla customer seperti saya mudah terpengaruh. :p

perhaps u guys can help me? Any recommendation for good scrub?
For body shop brand, i read that Cocoa Butter Body Scrub and Mango Body Scrub are good.

Tapi naper both for dry skin? I dun think mine in the category of dry skin.

I dun mind other brands as well.
I google for some, but i think it's hard to find the other brands recommended in kl kan.
Kalau leh seperti biasa, affordable and good scrub. :)

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Fashion Inspiration: by Leanne Marshall

I think every week, i will try my best to show some fashion inspiration from other fashion designers around the world for lil inspirations on wedding dresses.

I watch the final episode of Project Runaway for the season 5 on TV last weekend.
There's something about her collections that i like.
Maybe the color? erms im not sure wut.

 wut color is this? peach? nude? somebody who expert with color can let me know?

Again, love both color for the top n skirt. or is it a dress? hehe wuteva. i like the color combo.

 I think kelopak2 tuh create drama effect to the dress. Like it.

 Leanne Marshall - Fashion designer/ Winner of Project Runaway season 5.

Conclusion: i think the combo color of nude/peach/dunno-wut-color with turquoise blue/turquoise green is genius!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Perfect nightmare for any brides to be

Do you guys remember my entry on this?
Terkejut bila kawan Alip kena kes cmni.
Naseb baik la Tuhan menggerakkan hati aku untuk pilih vendor yg lain not the vendor below.
Nak baca, sila click larger on the image below. Ohs nama terpaksa di blur kan sbb takmola reveal nama sebenar member2 d blog ni kan. :)

When met the owner that day, takder aper pon yg suspicious.
The boutique has nice decor, baju2 sumer cantik and the people there are quite friendly.
But apa yg buat aku tak sedap ati bila dorg lupa harga pakej yg dorg kasi aku n ask me to scan back the price list and send to them.
There are 2 ppl during dat time listening to me and they did take note for wuteva i request and ask, they quote me the price but at the end they ask me back betul ker dorg kasi harga cmtuh.
Bila part tuh jer, aku rasa tak sedap ati. Macam mana dorg buat business ni?
Small thgs matter to me so I choose the other vendor and pay deposit.

The other vendor so far is easy for me to discuss with them.
Maybe ada black n white tru email.
Maybe sbb the owner sindri reply my sms cpt. reply email cepat. So far, im happy there's no communication probs.
But things still too early to predict rite?
I really hope nthg bad happen on my big day.
I hope they really able to make nice pelamin n decor as per request.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Pink for akad nikah outfit. Yes, No?

It was easy to choose color for reception outfit for his side.
But it's damn hard for my side.

As both of us takla gelap sangat takla putih sangat so sebenarnyer any colors pon boleh.
But i dun want to make any quick decision with regret later so better think carefully on this.

From cream to pink to cream and to pink again. Haha.
I think dusty pink make me happier than cream.
He dun mind any colors as long not striking.
So yeah maybe pink for akad nikah. ekekeke.

BUT there's alot of pinks ok. Pening google. Not anyone can wear the color nicely. I want both of us looks nice in pink not only me. So here are some pinks that i like:-

Sab's wedding. Both looks nice in pink
Picture credited to her blog.

Miss X's dress.
Picture credited to
I love the simplicity of this dress with the simple details. I like the white veil matching with the pink dress.

Cantik kan dusty pink wedding dress Sarah ni?
Picture credited to her blog.

 This is the pink color that i like the most. Takder la alip malu sangat kan pakai pink? hehe
Picture credited to here

I hope i will be able to find the right materials and color.
Last weekend i went to Gulatis but couldn't find any of nice pink.
I hope Ill be able to find the right color and materials in Jakel later.
Ingat nak chiffon kosong jer with some beadings.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Official Photographers and Videographer for Our Wedding

I think besides food, the most important part for every wedding are the photography and videography.
Great that nowadays we have so many options from all over places.
I think the most important part to choose your photographer and videographer will be:-
  1. Smooth communication between both party via any medium. (sms, email and phone calls)
  2. I think any potential clients need to know rough price for video/photo service asap. So i hate it when it's hard to get to know the price list and in order for me to know the price, i have to go to their office. Wth, seriously, it turn me off. But depends, maybe certain people dun mind. But i do. For me, check the price first. If ok, meet them. Ask as many questions as can. See their albums. Go home and think for a few weeks. Make decision and pay deposit.
  3. Yang paling penting harga mereka memenuhi budget anda.
  4. Ada chemistry di antara photographer dan anda.
  5. Nice and consistent outcome on screen and printing.
Why i said this? I went to 1 photographer office that day in the middle of KL and i really hope to meet the photographer in person as appointment been made tru email but to my disappointment, the person who greet us was the Admin people. How am i suppose to ask further? I really disappointed that the album showed to us not as nice as the pictures on screen.

I dun care if the company/people are new in the industry as long you know how to show your care to your potential customers. So at the end, i stick to my early decision. Paid the deposits, so here are our official photographers and videographer for the big day:-

Batu Pahat:-
Photographer: Mohd Razali
Videographer: Avicenna Studio

Photographer & Videographer:  Avicenna Studio

  Shot by Avicenna Studio

Shot by Mohd Razali

 Dah hire dua2 photographers yang best ni hopefully aku n alip tak kaku la nanti masa nk pose kalo tak membazir je kan.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I love everything about this purple wedding

Untuk belah Alip di Putrajaya, setelah sama-sama berbincang, kami memilih warna purple untuk theme kami.  I dun mind if it's a common color in fact how different a wedding can be from one another. Plus purple color sangatla cantik di dalam gambar. Blogwalking from 1 blog to another blog until i found out about this purple wedding theme that i like everything about it. Almost 80% concept and color that we hope for our wedding are quite similar to this one. Thank you to Ms. Fatini, who allow me to take few pictures from her blog.

Wedding: Umar Faruq + Diani Dian, Dewan Seri Endon

 Nice orchids on the guest table
 Nice orchids decor along the aisle.

 Nice pelamin on the stage. I just think the whole design are balance and nice.

 Pengapit kenalah pakai purple baru lah blend dengan background jadi kami boleh menonjol. wakakaka. dats da plan. :p
 I will wear white too. Nampak suci jerh kan. takkan nak pakai purple. nanti tenggelam dengan background. See the bride pon cantik je. Makeup cantik by Amy Janz.

I hope we will find our wedding decorator that can quote us price with not so expensive. Anyone can do something like this with not more than 5k?

All stunning pictures credited to Marshmallow Art|Photography

Thursday, January 6, 2011

What u guys call ur partner in blog/any social network?

Naper i tanya tadi coz my non-malay friend asked me y her malay friend wrote FB status "encik husband blabla"

Naper nak guna "encik husband?" instead of "hubby"?

Muahaha i dunno how to answer dat coz i jenis yg simple ajer terang2 i tulis nama bf i 'alip' kat cni. Takder nk hide2. Lgpon sng nk taip.

Then dia tanya lagi will u call ur husband 'abang' later?
Something that i also ask myself.
Will i?
Huhuhu kan aku dah kata aku ni simple je.

We call each other pon 'i' and 'u' ajer.
JARANG sangat guna 'sayang2' ni.
Tp in future x tau la kan.
Okla bila nk jiwang sket panggil la dia 'Bee' tp not stand for honey-bee tuh.bukan.
Tp stand for no plat keter dia dulu 'BEE XXXX'.

Ish nk dekat 8 taun panggil 'i' and 'u' je pas kahwin kena panggil abang? Dahler sebaya.

Tak perlu kot.

- What u guys call ur partner in blog/any social network?
- Will u call ur partner 'abang' after kahwin even sebaya?

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Wedding Photographer in KL

End of 2010, i rasa dah pasti sangat nak guna Avicenna to cover for photography belah KL.
But then bila tengok byk gambar2 cantik dari other photographers, i dah start rasa confuse sekarang. I  shorlisted 2 in my mind. Can any of u who has experience with the 2 photographers below help me to decide?
  1. Avicenna Studio
  2. Danial Haikal
And the event is from 8.30 pm-until 11.30pm (I guess so).
So is it advisable to have 1 photographer or 2 photographers?

Kindly give your advices. :)
Ohs dun forget to let me know how long they took to give the final product. Hows the photo editing? Hows the album?

This are 3 photos took from their websites/blog/FB:-
Elyana pics by Danial Haikal


Kakak Liyana Jasmay pics by Avicenna Studio

or besides this 2, do you guys have any other recommendations?
I need good service, hardworking & humble photographers, and final product delivery not more than 2 months.
Wah demand btols~