Monday, September 30, 2013

Pretty blog templates for brides to be and new mummies!

Holla readers,
Wants to make blog template makeover but cant find the 'one'?
Visit and choose the one you love the most! Instead of going tru the hassle process on customization template, why don't you browse our READY MADE templates?

Some of our pretty templates:-

ONLY RM180 for each templates as this is our introduction price. Each template exclusively only for 1 buyer.

For this ready made templates, we can edit the title, date, brides to be names and some of the wording for free for you.

Simple steps!
1. Choose your fav one
2. Fill the form
3. Wait for our invoice
4. You make the payment
5. We make some changes on the blog title/date etc
6. We send you the template file OR we help to install it for you for FREE

Don't miss this!
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n yes MORE PRETTY TEMPLATES coming up SOON! :)