Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Pelamin Akad Nikah and Reception at Batu Pahat

I have plenty artworks to submit yet im still blogging.
Ish2 just consider this as 1 way to release stress? :p

Pelamin was beautifully done by Syura Bridal House.
You can read my previous entry on how i do my research.
I did little survey on few boutiques in Batu Pahat but most of the boutique/shops close during that time.
So, without wasting time, i follow my heart to just choose vendor from JB.
Reason is, i dun want to have any headache for my big day later. huhu

You know Syura, bekas penyanyi traditional tuh?
Hehe yeah it's her. Rite now she focus on her bridal boutique.
She still looks pretty when first i saw her.
and terkejut bila menjelang my big day, dia tengah menunggu hari for her 3rd child.
How time flies. Because i book her 10 months before my wedding.

Still, she gave her full commitment on my pelamin.
The team came early, Friday evening to setup everything until midnite.
Few days after my big day, she delivered her 3rd baby. huhu naseb tak terberanak on my wed. :p

For past 10 months, believe it or not i just deal with her tru emails and she responded very fast.
Masa awal2 jumpa, i dah tunjuk gambar semua macamana i nak.
So bila email, senang la. Just to confirm everythg. Just on akad nikah pelamin jerh pending on design n color.
n i just did stupid thg!
On the last email to her to finalize things, i accidentally send wrong info on how pelamin i want.

Sepatutnyerh pelamin akad nikah ku ada kerusi takder belakang. wuwuu. just a simple one. supaya bergambar cantik sket la.
Dahla time tuh tgh pakai inai. tunggu inai kering.
n my 2nd sister helped to deal with the pelamin team since they send the items a day before to set it up.
Since i was busy with my henna, i mintak tolong my sis assist pelamin stuffs.
Bila akakku cakap pelamin akad nikah kat rumah takder kerusi eh rai?

I was like...whattttttttttttt? No way!
Dengan inai tak kering lagi, i teros basuh tangan, I tros called Syura, asked what happen sambil separa bridezilla mode. (Thats explain why my inai nyerh design a bit kembang. Bridezilla lagih saper suh)
Then Syura said isn't that what i had confirmed at my last email?
Dengan bengang tros check email.

There it is. My fault. Biggest mistake.
I ter-paste wrong info on my pelamin at the email.
'Pelamin without kerusi - cushion style'.
Pandai kan?
Lesson here: NEVER reply emails in office!

Dengan hati redha, and stress gak la since everyone mula2 asked y la my pelamin so small yada2.....
tp on my big day, tak sangka, it turns out pretty~ haha
So tips to other brides to be: Sometimes things are out of our control. Rilex. Bersabar. Redha. On big day, just be happy. Trust me, when u r happy, it shows on the face. Pelamin sederhana pon tiba2 nampak cantik n sweet ajerh.

Pelamin Rumah (Akad Nikah)

Pelamin Reception:
Haha i think i have no complaint at all for this.
Just like how i want it to be.
Sederhana dan tak berlebihan.
Semua orang pon suka.

I know kat KL dah berlambah ala2 garden ni.
Kat Batu pahat jerh tak berapa lagi.
So everyone datang to my wed kinda excited with it.
Like me. hahaha.

Pelamin Dewan


Dengan Syura, korang boleh la request memacam benda2 kecik, dia tak charge sgt.
Contoh, bantal akad nikah, and payung putih. :)

I think dats all about pelamin.

You can contact Syura on their FB:  Syura Bridal House.
Korang boleh cakap camni, 'I know about u dari Raihana yg kawen kat BP yang cerewet tuh'. haha
Syura tau i cerewet tapi dia sangat sabar yer melayan i especially time i kena bridezilla mode tuh i rasa i ada ter-jerit sikit kat dia tru phone. Dahla dia pregnant time tuh. Ohs terok nyerh i.
Tp i dah said sorry dah since it was my mistake.

Hehe i guess, where's the fun part of ur wed rite, without lil dramas here n there? :p
If you read this Syura, thanks alot! It's really easy working with you. :)


LisaLisut said...

wahh.bagusla syura. mcm ni la vendor yg bagus.hehe.i sll tgk iklan da kat mag pesona pengantin.tatau lg hasil kerja cmne.so u adalah org 1st yg i bc review psl hasil kerja dia :)
rai takde apa yg cacat dgn pelamin u.both are gorjes! :)

and yes.b2b jgn la bridezilla sgt. relax sudahhh :)

cik enul said...

cantek nyer pelamin sanding u tuh...! jatuh cinta jap..

anyway, salam pkenalan...

Cik Azizah said...

sis! cantiknya wedding sis...jeles tau...salam perkenalan yer sis :)

Rai said...

Lisa: hehe tq lisa. :)

cik enul: tq dear for visit this blog. :)

cik azizah: hehe thx dear. :)

cikshaツ said...

rai, pakej pelamin dewan tu brapa? ape je pakej nye ya? :-)

Rai said...

hi. better u contact syura sindri kie or email me k. x best if reveal price kat cni. :) email i kat sidebar kanan.

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