Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Contest and Giveaway for you!

Finally our Alvina website is launch today!

Penat sangat siang n malam siapkan website ni with husband.
InsyaAllah kitorg akan tambah lebih banyak produk dari semasa ke semasa.

Visit now.

As been promise before, here chance for you (bloggers) to share it in your blog about us!
Use your creativity to promote us and our products.

Contest will end by 23rd May 2014. Result will be announce by 26th May 2014.
Good Luck all and Happy Shopping with Alvina~

Monday, May 5, 2014

Pretty Dress for your SPECIAL DAY

Hello pretty ladies.
Meet ALVINA, our brand new baby that will sell/produce pretty dresses and other items for woman.

Our first collection is TUTU DRESS.
Why tutu?
Because it's so in trend now.
So for the first collection, we feel why not we sell this stuffs when it's still hot.

and YES, we SUPPORT BREASTFEEDING so all Alvina dress collection InsyaAllah will be breastfeed friendly.

Our website still in workshop :p still need a bit modification, so meantime Please follow Alvina in Instagram @alvinacollection or our Facebook for more details ok?

InsyaAllah there will be contest, free gift and nice stuffs there, so don't miss out! :)

Argh imagine you can wear this pretty dress for your engagement, baby shower, your kids birthday, akikah, bridal shower, being bridesmaids and many more special events!

Follow Alvina now~
Do support us.  :)

Monday, January 27, 2014

Update baju kahwin untuk dijual

Hi all,
Thank you for overwhelming responds regarding my baju2 kahwin.
Now tinggal baju pink saja.
If interested, email me at bitbitterbutter[at]

Btw banyak betul dugaan/experience deal ngn orang2 yang nak beli baju2 kahwin i b4 this.
Ada yang gila drama beria2 kata nak datang fitting baju which at the same time ada orang lain nak beli jugak. pastuh tiba2 tak jd dtg last minute. naseb la the other person yang nak beli tuh still nak beli.
Tak jadi datang takper siap sms gambar baju kahwin yg dia sewa/beli ntah dari mana.
Siap sms ckp 'tak jd beli ngn awak. saya dah jumpa baju kahwin yg saya nak. tgok cantik kan?'.
hoi aperkah perangai!

Please be nice and kind in our life.
Respect other ppl.
Apa yang kita buat kat orang samada buruk atau baik, Allah je akan balas.
So baju putih n cream dah takder tau.
takya nak email tanyerh benda sama lagi. penat nak jawab.
Tinggal pink je available.