Friday, March 25, 2011

Friday Freebies - B2B Tags!

I read in few B2B blogs who make this kind of b2b tags. Haha so i challenge myself this morning to create my own verson of b2b tags. n the best part is i make for all the states too! :)

So feel free to right click, save and upload to your blog ya. Sorry that i give credit to my blog at the bottom of the tag. Hope you guys dun mind. I have add this tag at my right sidebar.

What r u guys waiting for? :D Takla cantik sgt haha tp okla kan.

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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Kursus kahwin - any suggestions?

Hi guys.
I belum lagi g kursus kahwin. i plan nak pergi akhir bulan 4 ni.
So really hope any of u can suggest tempat yang best untuk g kursus kahwin sekitar Damansara/Kelana jaya/paling jauh Mont Kiara? :D

Kalau boleh nak tempat tuh tak ngantuk sangat la n ada food sedap n tempat solat yang selesa.

Tq all.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

What a Girl wants...

What a girl wants
What a girl needs
Whatever makes me happy sets you free
And I'm thanking you for knowing exactly
What a girl wants
What a girl needs
Whatever keeps me in your arms
And I'm thanking you for being there for me...
Whenever i feel happy with my relationship, i will always have this song played in my head. :)
Happiness is subjective.
Sometimes little project u've been working so hard in the office make u happy.
Cook for ur love ones make u happy.
Receive a phone call from ur bf before sleep make u happy.
Able to wear beautiful dress make u looks pretty.
Feels pretty make u happy.
Today, there is something that make me happy.
Ive been swamped with alot of office works lately but im happy with the progress.
So i thought of buying some stuff as a reward for myself.
So during lunch hour, i went to One utama alone as my lunch partners busy with their works.
Im still full for ate quite alot during breakfast.
I read at her blog there's sales in Vincci.
Hehe shoes always make any girls happy!
Whoever dun agree on this can leave this blog now. :p

There's alot of pretty shoes that caught my attention and i found this pretty shoes that feels so rite. It's REALLY love at the first sight.
Nyummy. Shud i shudnt i? Isn't it too early? It's only RM50!

You see, i dun have any preference when it come to shoes.
I only buy shoes when my old shoes gets spoil.
Whichever pretty shoes able to seduce me :p, i will definitely buy them.
I know my early objective to buy casual shoes has change to wedding shoes.
It's ok at least i no need to think of this later.
I really want to buy the gold one as it's match with my akad nikah and reception attires.
Plus i love shoes that not so expose my ugly toes. :p
But i went back to the office first, show pics of this heels to my partner in crimes as well as email to my close friend and Alip as well.
They said y not. Better buy it or else nanti penat kan nak jalan2 seluruh shopping complex cari perfect shoes.
It's not easy to find perfect shoes for your feet.
I still remember the feeling of letting go my fav shoes at Vincci that when i came again, there's no size for me even when i went to the other outlets.
Then i saw Diana Rikasari wears the same shoes that i like in her blog. hehe.
See, i dun think i can go thru the same feeling of not be able to buy ur fav shoes.

So after work, i went back to OU.
I tried it on and guess what?
The shoes are NOT mean for me.
My middle toe so cacat terkeluar from the shoes. No, a bigger size didnt help as it's too loose to wear.
I felt so disappointed. Herms then i saw this heels.

 I tried it on.

 Erms not too bad even tho the price a bit pricey than the previous one.
The color is white-gold.
It's not love at the first sight but when i wears it, it feels rite.
Jari2 tak terkeluar. :p
So, i make few walks with this heels inside Vincci to make sure that im really comfortable with the heels.

 Yaps, after alot of thinking, this is it.
The right 1 is 'love at the first sight'. :p
Left one is i my second option that i feels rite and i can really feel the chemistry when im wearing it.

Tehee can u guys relate this theory with finding the right guy in reality? :p

 So here's my pretty baby

RM100 after 20% discount.

 Not expose my toes too much rite?

 Able to hold my feet perfectly when walk.
  It's 5 inch bebeh! :)
 Kasut tinggi untuk orang pendek spt saya. hehe
Nanti kalau diri sama tinggi ngan alip barula orang kata sama tinggi sama rendah. :p

I want to review about my shoes now so that after marriage i wont need to review on so alot of things.
Plus i want to remember how happy i am when i bought this shoes.
It's perfectly next to my bed now and i only be able to wear it for another next 6 months.

Friday, March 4, 2011

I love love love this color!

I love this color.
I love this color.
I love this color.
I dunno how my reception dress will be but i really hope it will be this color.
 Elyana's dress by Zerry Zamry.

Mandy Moore looks stunning at Oscar red carpet in Monique Lhuillier

Is this champagne, nude or cream color?
Super Nyummy!!

Normally, for casual wears, i like striking and bright colors.
But for wedding, i only believe in soft/pastel colors.

Pics below are pastel colors. Coz my bf dunno wut pastel colors means. hehe.
he always thought when i said pastel means bright pink or bright green. grrr.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Make Up Artists: Which one?

Herms sepatutnyerh ni paling awal aku pk.
Tp aku drag2 baru skrang nak buat keputusan.
Yerla duit gaji setiap bulan abes bayar deposit pelamin, beli kain, upah jahit baju, videographer and photogs. Sekarang baru la leh nak bayar makeup artist pula.
Makeup sama penting dengan baju.
Tp aku percaya yang cari make-up artist yang sesuai macam cari jodoh.
Kalau betul dia ditakdirkan untuk make-up kamu, insyaallah ada slot yang available and harga mereka within your budget.

I really hope to get Ian Sham for my big day, but sadly somebody else has booked her. Okie.
Jadi dia bukan jodoh saya la. :p
So sekarang ini adalah antara shortlisted pilihan saya for my big day. Faktor memilih adalah mengikut kata hati dan budget. :)

1) Anna Lady Cherrie

My friend suggested her. Her portfolio are very very impressive. Her rate is affordable.
Cuma dia kurang makeup untuk wedding. But no harm to give it a try kan.
Find her here:-

2. Ayang Kamell

I think he is quite famous kan? Tengok jerhla flawless makeup and the eyes part.
Love it. Pray hard slot on my wed masih kosong.
Find him here:-

3. Kelrina

Ni kawan i masa dia kahwin. Cantik kan? Suka part mata tuh.
Tapi MUA ni macam tak berapa active di online je sbb lambat reply msg. Maybe kena call terus kot. 
Rate pon tak berapa pasti ok tak.
Find her here:

4. Raja Fina

Ni masa B2B blogger, Zara kahwin. Cantik and sweet jerh kan. (Pic credit to Zara's blog)
Raja fina ni pon cepat jerh reply email. Bagus.
Find her here:-

So ni la 4 pilihan hati. Malam ni nak tido dulu esok baru nak decide. Kunun dengan harapan dalam mimpi nanti boleh dapat gerakan hati nak pilih saper. ekeke.

Ohs masa bertandang nanti i takya risau2 sbb dari tahun lepas dah book dia. :)


Cantik kan makeup pengantin ni. Yg ni bukan dia.
Si cantik kat bawah ni baru dia.

Rate dia memang affordable.
Ohs she's my friend. :) n dia mmg sangat2 rajin.
Book her service noww.

Find her here: