Sunday, November 14, 2010

Foto By Razali : Wedding Photography Giveaway contest

This is my first ENTRY of writing on my wedding preparation.
This is my first ATTEMPT too for any wedding stuffs contest. :wink:
huhuhuhu. Frankly speaking i started google for my wedding preparation after my merisik day.
Since I am melancholy type, I luv planning for wuteva i do.
I had request quotations from few photographers based in KL and they had gave me their quotations with transportation fees that almost kill me. Most transportation fees to BP is RM500 (minimum). And I have 2 events in BP - Solemnization and Reception both on 2 separate days. And usually they charged by hours. After calculate my budgets, wuwuuu i knew i can't afford them. So i am looking for other options. Means for any photographers based in Batu Pahat.
I googled and I found YOU - MOHD RAZALI!

Why you? What so special about you?
  • First, I am Web Designer and any clean and user friendly website/blog will ALWAYS got my attention first. :mrgreen:
  • You are based in Batu Pahat. Oh my! Im so happy~~~
  • See the AMAZING pictures below and you will know why i adore his shots:-

oh my god. i luv this shot. it's from back top shot and he able to use the rule of third in this picture. clever!

another rule of third picture that i luv!

all the pose by pengantins pon not over. Means the photographer able to convince them to pose naturally and they look so rilex in front of camera. That's the most important aspect!

Long shot that I luvvvvv! See the blue water looks so pretty in this picture. Haih~~

Nice editing. and I luv any picture that focus on the front picture and make the background blur.

If have to pose any 'daring' pose, this kind of shot will be enough for me. :p

Nice shot from top.

Any photographer who able to capture the wedding dress like this is clever! clap clap~

Amazing that he able to snap this shot. Tehehehe. I have rabbits. Can you capture my shoes with my rabbits with this kinda shot? LOL.
All photos sources: Foto By Razali –

I am so greedy ritee? I know the terms and conditions that i need to put only 1 picture. But i love alot of his pics. If I have to choose 1, it's very tough. but herms I will choose this picture below:-


  • I always love any wedding outdoor pictures and this shot is pretty complete with the nature elements - sky, land, small hill and water. LOVE IT.
  • This picture has rule of third element.
  • Wedding is the most emotional day at least for me. :p
    The brides and bridegroom may not wear the prettiest and most expensive dress or suit, but it's the most important moment for them to be finally become husband and wife. No one knows what they have been through before except them. Whoever photographers who able to capture the natural expressions, gestures and make the photos pretty like this, is GREAT~ You can see the couple looks relief and happy.
If possible I want my photographer to be familiar with BP area so that we won't waste time to explore nice places  to shoot in BP - for outdoor pics.

Last but not least, i will end this entry with his quote:-
Photography is fun. Winning free stuff is fun. Combining those two things are fun. The end. :)
Wish both of us luck for the wedding preparations for our ❤big day on:-
  • 8th October 2011 (Batu Pahat)
  • 22nd October 2011 (Putrajaya)

Okie. Any of you who wants to try your luck, come and join the contest too.
Just click at the picture below to read the terms and conditions apply at his blog. :)



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