Saturday, December 11, 2010


Hi welcome to my B2B blog everyone!
B2B? Pertuh?
Came from marketing bg, i always confused when read few blogs before.
I always thought it means 'Business to Business' until i found out by myself it means 'Brides To Be'.
Sengal kan??
Hehe. Here i will write manglish depends on my mood of writing. :p

Anyway, i swear before that i wont create any blog specifically for the wedding preparation until few things inspired me to do so. Because:-
  • I need to update my family what's in my mind and what i plan for this wedding. Yeah i did tried my best to update them tru phone calls and bila balik kg, but it's not efficient enuff. I know sumtimes visuals and writings able to convey my ideas better. Ohs btw i worked here in KL and my hometown is in Batu Pahat, Johor so you know how hard it is rite?
  • I think it's kinda scary when i want to enter few contest and strangers start to read my personal blog. I mean my stupid personal blog. :p It's full of craps. So here, u guys can read as much as u want. :) I wont make any entry private.
  • My hand so gatal i want to design my own B2B blog. Hehe. I finish create and modify this blog in 1 day. hehe. No fancy design. Simple and girlish enuff for me to update my wedding preparation progress.
  • I need opinions from other people too especially on which bridal shop is good, services and etc. Googling is not enuff. So feel free to leave your comments here.
  • Ohs btw, Bitbitterbutter has no meaning at all. I dried for ideas so i simply came out with this name. It's kinda cute. Dun u think so? :p
Ok i think dats all. Hehe. I officially launch my blog at 2.10am, 11th December 2010. :)
I will definitely add on blog lists, vendors and to do lists at my sidebar. So 1 by 1 kie.

p/s: Anyway, i import this 2 entries below from my personal blog related to wedding stuffs. So it's backdated.


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