Thursday, December 1, 2011


Past few weeks, i feel tired doing all houseworks and at the same time struggle with my office works and freelance stuffs.
Until my mom remind me last weekend buat kerja2 rumah tuh ibadat. Dapat pahala jika buat dengan ikhlas.
Baca blog my sis pon she said the same thing.
So past few days i try buat dengan hati terbuka ikhlas kerana Allah, dan dengan penuh kasih sayang terhadap suami ecece.
Perasaan penat tuh tak terasa sgt seperti awal2.
Rasa lebih tenang walaupon still tak cukup masa 24 jam tuh.
I started to get use with wake up early as 6.50am and arrive office before 9am.
I feel more rilex and calm.
However life always have it's own challenges.
When i feel i able to cope doing wife job, office demands more from me.
People expecting more from u when u earn more at this age.
I know wut the hell rite? but again i try to calm myself, convince myself by saying kerja kat ofis pon ibadat.
Sabar and cuba jugak double up the effort.
Niat kerana Allah dan i will try my best to satisfy each of them.
Husband said bear with it and try to aim this is my last work and hopefully next year gonna be my last year working under people.
InsyaAllah will work hard for that and aim for it!


Alia.A said...

u'll get through this rai. be strong. Allah is with you. doa banyak2. =)

LisaLisut said...

oh insaf.i sll tiap pagi bangun solat subuh,tdo balik n smpai ofis 930 pdhal masuk malas ya amat2 dan demotivated sbb jalan jem.sigh. i should remember now kerja = ibadat.huhu...thanks rai

Rai said...

Adlin: tq dear. pray to Allah everyday. every second. Im sure Allah know wuts best for me.

Lisa: hehe we remind each other kie. i think sometimes kita kena melalui semua ni baru kita appreciate things better.

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