Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Latest Updates

  1. I just started with new job [again!]
  2. So i hope u guys understand if lambat i reply comments. So please2 if nak tanyerh aper2 pasal wedding i or rent dress ke, better email me at senang sikit i reply bila2 i free kie.
  3. For b2b from batu pahat, please consider Dedaun Bridal & Photography coz the pelamin designs so modern and look nice!
  4. Photographer is super important for wedding. So choose wisely. I still havent got my photo album from Avicenna for the guy side at putrajaya but with mohd razali cepat pantas gambar cantik tip top! So takyahla tanyerh i ok ker mohd razali nyerh servis...sbb i think the pics speak louder kie? Servis and quality pon tip top. He is very nice and friendly~
  5. Fashion designer - Rico Rinaldi is the best. Full stop. I mean if u guys prefer simple, nice and affordable dress with quality workmanship. Better email him personally about your desire dress. He wont bite and most importantly he will reply your email. :)
  6. I dun regret any of my wed preparations. Sebab bila tengok gambar sampai skrg masih tersenyum kegembiraan. Sumtimes share the conversation with husband on the wed stuffs. Sangat manis untuk dikenang! So yes takya membazir utk kahwin tapi tak salah mencari sedikit kesempurnaan demi perkahwinan yang satu itu. Sebab bila kita tau susah nyerh nak buat preparation kahwin, insyaallah kita akan cuba the best for our marriage as well. Dun u guys think so?
  7. Our house loan for our first house just approve after a month of waiting! We are super excited. Harap next process berjalan lancar hendak nyerh. Doakan kie.
Goodluck with wed preparations b2b! Email me at if you want to rent any of my wedding dresses kie.


Rabia Sensei said...

Thank you for sharing =D

Wedding DoorGift 4u said...

Your sharing is good for b2b.Tq

Asyikin Zainal said...

Rai...ekin email u..if u free..reply k..

Farhana Hamdan said...

Salam Rai,

i ada email tnya pasal dress tu..

reply ok :))

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