Sunday, December 12, 2010


I just bought 3 notebooks for the wedding preparations for me to dump all my ideas, pics that i luv inside that. 3 because 1 for my side, 1 for my parents (1 will pass to them this weekend) and another notebook for his side. Yeah i did plan and throw my ideas for his side too since nobody started anythg from his side. So i dun mind if my ideas got rejected but i hope they will accept some of it. huhu. So far, not so hard to convince my bf for his side.
Pink utk saya. Biru untuk alip's side and Hijau untuk parents saya. hehe

I just started paste all this pics last week. Balik kerja start print2 n tampal. It's so much fun! :)
Baru la semangat sikit nak tunjuk my parents nanti this coming weekend. Bukan taknak tunjuk ideas smerk b4. tp mmg blom pk. Baru je habes stress buat freelance stuffs, n now adala masa untuk focus benda2 ni.

Next entry: Bridal boutiques hunting in JB. Will update u guys with the details later.


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