Tuesday, September 13, 2011

My wedding dressmaker 1 - Intro

I have 2 wedding dressmakers for my wed.
1 is super duper GOOD.
Another one is BAD!

So i think the GOOD one deserve an early post review by me. huhu
Anyway thanks so much to Adlin who convince me to meet him.
I couldn't ask for more.
If i've got more money, of course ill ask for more blings on my wed dress.
or if i am celebrity i will just ask for sponsor dress like MEMEY. :p
but im just a blogger so i tried my best to make pity face asking for discounts. ahaha.

Nway i asked him to make my baju raya as well since harga upah dia pon aku rasa ok.
I just ask for baju kurung modern without any detailing since my kain pon dah penuh ngn detailing+patterns.
Nah that's my 1st time wears designer's clothes and i feel so pretty like celebrity during raya.
Not only that i feel like to wear it for my akad nikah ahahaha because it's so damn comfortable only after i ate alot of ketupat+rendangs+lemang+wear spanx baru tersedar yg diri sendiri sedang memakai baju kurung modern fitted.

Tros stop makan dgn byk nyerh.
Ahahaha still im super happy with the quality of my baju raya this year.
No dramas like every year baju tak siapla. baju besarla. cutting tak best. Takder.
While other family members cried over their baju kurung dramas i cant wait to wear mine. huhuhu buruk perangai aku.
In future i will definitely send to him again~~InsyaAllah if ada budget.

Eh who is him?

Saya yang perasan cantik bersama family members di hari raya. :)

He's so smart to put zip at the lengan - sng nk zip n unzip bila rimas n sng nak amk air smyg. :)
Bout the wedding dress, it looks something like this below -  Simple yet pretty just like i hope it to be.

Of course details will be after my wed.
I will snap alot of pictures with the dress on my wed day.
Let the pictures justice my words later.

Plus there's so much more to talk about him!
In fact if i able to redo my wed preparations again, i will definitely just send to him all my baju2 kawen since it's so damn easy to work with him!
Thanks Rico for your damn good service~


LisaLisut said...

cntiknye baju raya u Rai.hehe

Alia.A said...

He's good! No doubt. I'm waiting patiently to share with others for my dress :)

Yayy.. We wore our first designer baju raya. hehehe.

ni@ @in said...

cantek la baju tu...
idea zip tu bagus ngat..
senang nk amik wuduk kan...

Anonymous said...

kak rai,

rico memang terbaik..kawan2 saya selalu hantar baju pd dia & highly recommend..mesti baju kahwin kak rai meletop nanti.. ^_^

Mizz Ryn said...

mmg cantik bj nyer .. n yg paling ryn sker die sgt kemas ..

oshinz said...

baju rico simple dan cantik!!! suka dia. mesti cantik punye la baju sis ni.. nggeeeee =)

Shaza Reena said...

It looks good on you. Nampak fit je.
But too bad its not on me. I pon hantar baju raya I kat Rico. Nak try for my baju nikah. Too bad its not as I expect it to be. And salah design lak tu. Hmmm, you can read my review regarding this :)

Rai said...

Tq guys~

Shaza: hi Shaza, harap u sabar kie. sumtimes benda ni maybe depends on luck jugak. In my case, i pon ada bad experience with the other designer that i haven't mention in this blog yet. Padahal orang lain nyerh baju ngn designer tuh ok jer. but mine have alot of drama here n there.

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