Thursday, January 5, 2012

Any readers from Putrajaya, Singapore, Brunei and Indonesia?

Additional tag freebies for this 4 places.
Before this few people requested for it but i really don't have time to change the colors and the word.
So here it is. Finally got time abit. Click this entry and find the tags at the bottom kie.
Others states who wants to paste the tags to you blog, feel free to do so as well. :)


Mila Ahmad said...

mila dah amek dah taq ni letak kat blog mila!

Cik Azizah said...

hai sis..jijah dah guna tag ni..maceh sgt2 sis :)

Rai said...

u r most welcome. :)

cik helena said...

tq tq tq!suka sgt!

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