Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Happy New Year everyone~

Yeah pejam celik tiba2 dah tahun baru.
Pejam celik lagi 4 hari, dah 3 bulan kami kahwin.
Pejam celik, wedding review ku tak abes2 lagi huwaaa.
im not sure to continue or not since i dun have leisure time anymore.
Married life is great. I enjoy every moment!

I have to let go few freelance works as just to make sure im not neglecting my new status as wife.
I thought i able to cope with all, but im wrong.
I cant get all of it. But it's ok money is not everything but happiness is.

Now im happy since i able to cook almost everyday(except weekend) and not miss making breakfast for husband.

Nway without wasting time, here are my resolutions/ what i wanna do in 2012.
Come on, it's new year everyone do have fresh new spirit rite??
Mine as well. :-
    1.    make our new business plan strategy works!
    2.    cook more healthy and delicious food for both of us
    3.    learn to bake cakes - perhaps try to make pavlova?
    4.    go travel
    5.    taknak tinggal solat
    6.    learn new skill - sewing maybe
    7.    start my new personal blog - will let u guys know the new blog url
    8.    manage my financial better - have a lot of saving
    9.    buy landed house with huge house compound
Bye 2011~ with such wonderful memories~


erin moshimoshi said...

happy new year darling

oshinz said...

selamat tahun baru sis.. =)

CNK said...

All the best rai. wish all ur dreams come true.. :) enjoy every single second as a wife :)

Rai said...

tq~happy new year to u guys too~

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