Sunday, February 20, 2011

It's scary how it turns out to be...

Tinggal 3 hari je sebelum majlis.
Time tuhla orang2 katering tanyer betul ker color yang kitorg pilih ni untuk skirting and alas meja?
Naper macam pelik?
Why pink instead of green?
Then somebody gave instruction to them change to ugly dark green.
and i like dun have any strengths to object.

Then on the day of my big day, i received a phone call from my pelamin vendor, she said she couldn't make it on time.
She cancel on me last minute and wants to return all my money back because she had no confidence to do it.
I became a bridezilla crying and begging her to please just come and do her best and i dun mind at all if it turns out nice or not.
How could this happen to me on last minute?
Nobody can ruin my day like dat.
Then suddenly my parents blame me for choosing the vendor.

It was a big mess and i felt like hiding sumwhere and crying.

it was just a DREAM.
I wake up and thinking for awhile so it just a dream.
A bad dream. My wedding still 7 more months to come.

Omigod it feels so real.
Do you guys dreams all this weird things before your big day? :(


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