Friday, February 11, 2011

Lovely wedding

I think everyone adores Rizalman's touch.
Never fail to impress all of us.
Here's another one of his lovely wedding creation.

Simple. Nice. Lovely.

  Akad nikah attire - tak perlu pakai normal veil. Rizalman replace dengan ala2 classic melayu veil.

Bridesmaids nyerh pakaian pon simple ajerh. Kebaya moden ngn soft purple color. 

 Suka nyerh kerusi english style cmni yg skarang popular di majlis2 pengantin.
But i can't have this kind of chairs on my wed. Sobs.

 Simple pelamin n decor during majlis akad nikah.

 Pelamin reception. Simple je. tp cantik.

 Tak perlu pakai veil. 

Photos credited to Qippy Photography.


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