Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Fashion Inspiration: by Leanne Marshall

I think every week, i will try my best to show some fashion inspiration from other fashion designers around the world for lil inspirations on wedding dresses.

I watch the final episode of Project Runaway for the season 5 on TV last weekend.
There's something about her collections that i like.
Maybe the color? erms im not sure wut.

 wut color is this? peach? nude? somebody who expert with color can let me know?

Again, love both color for the top n skirt. or is it a dress? hehe wuteva. i like the color combo.

 I think kelopak2 tuh create drama effect to the dress. Like it.

 Leanne Marshall - Fashion designer/ Winner of Project Runaway season 5.

Conclusion: i think the combo color of nude/peach/dunno-wut-color with turquoise blue/turquoise green is genius!


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