Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Pink for akad nikah outfit. Yes, No?

It was easy to choose color for reception outfit for his side.
But it's damn hard for my side.

As both of us takla gelap sangat takla putih sangat so sebenarnyer any colors pon boleh.
But i dun want to make any quick decision with regret later so better think carefully on this.

From cream to pink to cream and to pink again. Haha.
I think dusty pink make me happier than cream.
He dun mind any colors as long not striking.
So yeah maybe pink for akad nikah. ekekeke.

BUT there's alot of pinks ok. Pening google. Not anyone can wear the color nicely. I want both of us looks nice in pink not only me. So here are some pinks that i like:-

Sab's wedding. Both looks nice in pink
Picture credited to her blog.

Miss X's dress.
Picture credited to http://blog.tedroz.com/
I love the simplicity of this dress with the simple details. I like the white veil matching with the pink dress.

Cantik kan dusty pink wedding dress Sarah ni?
Picture credited to her blog.

 This is the pink color that i like the most. Takder la alip malu sangat kan pakai pink? hehe
Picture credited to here

I hope i will be able to find the right materials and color.
Last weekend i went to Gulatis but couldn't find any of nice pink.
I hope Ill be able to find the right color and materials in Jakel later.
Ingat nak chiffon kosong jer with some beadings.


jooleata said...

org yg u xtau nama is miss X or yuyu aziz..

owner of whenheproposedisaidyes.blogspot.com

Lala said...

lala lebih suka PUTIH untuk nikah. tapi lepas tengok gambar kat sni, PINK is a YES!!!!

ElyaElmo said...

pink cantik...pilih yg soft2 jee..lelaki nk pakai...
buat laa rai...ambik chiffom plain..lepas tu hantar beading dekat beadmeplease...

Rai said...

Jooleata: Thanks for the info~ :)

Lala: Suka putih jugak. tp dah pilih white color for 1 of the wedding reception dress n takmola repeat color sama, so hopefully ill choose this color if fikiran tak berubah tiba2. hahaha.

Elya: Hehe tq for da suggestion Elya. Will check the website. ada pengalaman ke anta kat sana? ok tak?

en.kayrul dn cik nadua said...

sy pun nak guna pink masa nikah, tp encik tunang kata xyah sebab masa tunang dah guna warna pink belacan.so,nikah guna putih =)

saya org bp.follow u and follow me back at:

Rai said...

cik nadua: hello orang bp. :)
thx following my blog k.

adorable ~A.N.A said...

pink tooomey.. i like.. hihi btw, salam kenal from b2b johor ~ ngee

Rai said...

Ana: Thanks for visiting my blog. :)

Anonymous said...

where did You buy your Nikah dress...I live in Rhode Island, USA and I find it so hard to find an appropriate wedding dress for Nikah. Any help would be appreciated.

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