Thursday, January 20, 2011

Perfect nightmare for any brides to be

Do you guys remember my entry on this?
Terkejut bila kawan Alip kena kes cmni.
Naseb baik la Tuhan menggerakkan hati aku untuk pilih vendor yg lain not the vendor below.
Nak baca, sila click larger on the image below. Ohs nama terpaksa di blur kan sbb takmola reveal nama sebenar member2 d blog ni kan. :)

When met the owner that day, takder aper pon yg suspicious.
The boutique has nice decor, baju2 sumer cantik and the people there are quite friendly.
But apa yg buat aku tak sedap ati bila dorg lupa harga pakej yg dorg kasi aku n ask me to scan back the price list and send to them.
There are 2 ppl during dat time listening to me and they did take note for wuteva i request and ask, they quote me the price but at the end they ask me back betul ker dorg kasi harga cmtuh.
Bila part tuh jer, aku rasa tak sedap ati. Macam mana dorg buat business ni?
Small thgs matter to me so I choose the other vendor and pay deposit.

The other vendor so far is easy for me to discuss with them.
Maybe ada black n white tru email.
Maybe sbb the owner sindri reply my sms cpt. reply email cepat. So far, im happy there's no communication probs.
But things still too early to predict rite?
I really hope nthg bad happen on my big day.
I hope they really able to make nice pelamin n decor as per request.


0sh!Nz d' sen0r!ta said...

nanti da kawen, cepat2 share info pasal pelamin ya. ehehe.

jooleata said...

owhh my.. nma butik ni familiar la.. kat mana ni rai?

Rai said...

0sh!Nz d' sen0r!ta: Insyaallah sure will share with u guys. Hope it will turn out nice. :)

Jooleata: butik ni kat jb. tp tak ingt area maner. leh google. hehe. femes gak la butik ni.

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