Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Wedding Photographer in KL

End of 2010, i rasa dah pasti sangat nak guna Avicenna to cover for photography belah KL.
But then bila tengok byk gambar2 cantik dari other photographers, i dah start rasa confuse sekarang. I  shorlisted 2 in my mind. Can any of u who has experience with the 2 photographers below help me to decide?
  1. Avicenna Studio
  2. Danial Haikal
And the event is from 8.30 pm-until 11.30pm (I guess so).
So is it advisable to have 1 photographer or 2 photographers?

Kindly give your advices. :)
Ohs dun forget to let me know how long they took to give the final product. Hows the photo editing? Hows the album?

This are 3 photos took from their websites/blog/FB:-
Elyana pics by Danial Haikal


Kakak Liyana Jasmay pics by Avicenna Studio

or besides this 2, do you guys have any other recommendations?
I need good service, hardworking & humble photographers, and final product delivery not more than 2 months.
Wah demand btols~


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Vote for Saiful Nang n geng...

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