Thursday, January 13, 2011

Official Photographers and Videographer for Our Wedding

I think besides food, the most important part for every wedding are the photography and videography.
Great that nowadays we have so many options from all over places.
I think the most important part to choose your photographer and videographer will be:-
  1. Smooth communication between both party via any medium. (sms, email and phone calls)
  2. I think any potential clients need to know rough price for video/photo service asap. So i hate it when it's hard to get to know the price list and in order for me to know the price, i have to go to their office. Wth, seriously, it turn me off. But depends, maybe certain people dun mind. But i do. For me, check the price first. If ok, meet them. Ask as many questions as can. See their albums. Go home and think for a few weeks. Make decision and pay deposit.
  3. Yang paling penting harga mereka memenuhi budget anda.
  4. Ada chemistry di antara photographer dan anda.
  5. Nice and consistent outcome on screen and printing.
Why i said this? I went to 1 photographer office that day in the middle of KL and i really hope to meet the photographer in person as appointment been made tru email but to my disappointment, the person who greet us was the Admin people. How am i suppose to ask further? I really disappointed that the album showed to us not as nice as the pictures on screen.

I dun care if the company/people are new in the industry as long you know how to show your care to your potential customers. So at the end, i stick to my early decision. Paid the deposits, so here are our official photographers and videographer for the big day:-

Batu Pahat:-
Photographer: Mohd Razali
Videographer: Avicenna Studio

Photographer & Videographer:  Avicenna Studio

  Shot by Avicenna Studio

Shot by Mohd Razali

 Dah hire dua2 photographers yang best ni hopefully aku n alip tak kaku la nanti masa nk pose kalo tak membazir je kan.


miss Z said...

dear, I agree sgt dgn no. 2. tp certain photographer xske cmtu i guess. hmm... sush kan? huhu

Rai said...

miss Z: tuhla. at least kita tau la standard price dia cmner kan awal2.

0sh!Nz d' sen0r!ta said...

akak, kalo jumpe fotografer nak tanye ape? ehehe.

Rai said...

Oshinz: herms tanyerh price, package yang ada, quality album, siap baper lama, accommodation charges and ada discount tak. haha also baper orang assign untuk ambil gambar 1 event.

0sh!Nz d' sen0r!ta said...

thanks for sharing this info ya sis.

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