Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I love everything about this purple wedding

Untuk belah Alip di Putrajaya, setelah sama-sama berbincang, kami memilih warna purple untuk theme kami.  I dun mind if it's a common color in fact how different a wedding can be from one another. Plus purple color sangatla cantik di dalam gambar. Blogwalking from 1 blog to another blog until i found out about this purple wedding theme that i like everything about it. Almost 80% concept and color that we hope for our wedding are quite similar to this one. Thank you to Ms. Fatini, who allow me to take few pictures from her blog.

Wedding: Umar Faruq + Diani Dian, Dewan Seri Endon

 Nice orchids on the guest table
 Nice orchids decor along the aisle.

 Nice pelamin on the stage. I just think the whole design are balance and nice.

 Pengapit kenalah pakai purple baru lah blend dengan background jadi kami boleh menonjol. wakakaka. dats da plan. :p
 I will wear white too. Nampak suci jerh kan. takkan nak pakai purple. nanti tenggelam dengan background. See the bride pon cantik je. Makeup cantik by Amy Janz.

I hope we will find our wedding decorator that can quote us price with not so expensive. Anyone can do something like this with not more than 5k?

All stunning pictures credited to Marshmallow Art|Photography


ElyaElmo said...

ya Allah..seriuss cantik gileeee

Rai said...

cantik kan? i hope mine will turn our gorgeous like this. pray hard. huhu

Lala said...

chanteknye photo2 wed ni!

nice to knoe u rai! share cite kawen tau!

Rai said...

Thank u lala. :)
sure will share my journey for the big day here.
good luck to ur big day preparation too kie.

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