Friday, August 5, 2011

Happy Birthday...*updated*

to this 2 important person in my life:-

3rd august - Mom's besday
the reason this blog exist - to share my preparations with her since i stay apart from my family. sobs.
Sumtimes words and pictures describe things better.
Love you Mak!!

Another 1 is to the future husband!

5th august - Bf's besday

Thanks for always being there for me. We've been tru alot of things together.
And i think by now u know my do's and don'ts so well rite?
Same goes another way round.

8 years for being together is not a short period.
I believe trust, patient, and toleration are the key values that bring us this far.

2 more months until we become husband n wife.
Lets pray everythg will be smooth as what we have plan. :)
Although i can sense there will be alot of upcoming dramas. *sniff sniff*
But please, if possible lets do our very best okie?
Luv you!

Photos: My 2nd session of Pre-wedding
Edited: by me
Photographer: will review later. :)

p/s: Sorry guys yeah i do private this blog temporary today for lil personal matter.


LisaLisut said...

sgt cantikkkk gmbr pre wed uu!! bulat muka u.cute je.hehehe

Rai said...

Lisa: Boolat is not cute at all. Time ni tak g kelas makeup lagi tatau nk hide pipi. :p now dah tau a bit. huhu

Alia.A said...

wah. ade 2nd prewed. hehehe.

common thing u dgn bf u, bile korg senyum, sejibik okey! hehehe. same padan.

Rai said...

Adlin: Bf i suka tiru i senyum. tatau naper. huhu. i guess we get used with each other gestures. :p

oshinz said...

so comella both of u. muka u macam ur mom. =) happy birthday to both of them. congrats sis sebab berjaya sampai 8tahun. hope happiness will be yours forever!!!!

Rai said...

Tq Oshinz. hehe :)

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