Wednesday, July 27, 2011

DIY Wedding Cards - Part 2

Have you read the earlier post before?

I have to create 2 seperate wedding cards - for my side and bf side.
Bf wedding will be RSVP style. So obviously we can't combine the cards together.
So that's explain y we need to have 2 seperate wedding cards.

The process:-

1) Quotation
As mention before, i have email few printer companies asking for quotations. Kebanyakan semua bagi price tak masuk akal. Naseb la work in this industry as well so sumhow i know the price make sense or not. Ada a few yg betul2 kasik harga reasonable. But still i hope i wil get cheaper than wut they quote. Kiasu maa. Huhu i nak macam Zara dapat harga kad dia RM0.30 jerh.
Size: - 
Open size: 177.8mm (width) x 254mm (height)
Close size: 177.8mm (width) x 127mm (height) - 2 fold
Printing: Full colour front and back
- Art paper 180gsm (yg ni i mintak kertas paling tipis. ikot logic, lagi tipis lagi murah la kan)
- Matte laminate 2 side
- Hot stamping (cover only on certain words)
- white envelope
Total cards to print: 700pcs.
Time  i mintak quotation ni tak decide lagi nk buat 2 folded cards or just postcard style. So maybe u guys can use this guideline if nak mintak quotation from any printing company.
Matte lamination give better finishing than glossy. That's what i feel la.

2) Type/ Details of cards
You guys need to decide to have cards with:-
 - emboss
 - hot stamping
 - spot UV?

Nampak tak corak tuh timbul2? Tuh emboss

 Hot stamping yg metallic effect ginih. Common use for wed cards

My lil advice:-
- If nak buat kad sekeping depan belakang, better jangan buat effect emboss. Nanti side belakang berbekas.
- Spot UV is expensive. Tp kalau buat business cards murah la plak. padahal wed cards takder la besar maner. erms mmg tak paham part nih. Ohs spot UV example better tanyerh kedai printing. sbb kat google tak nampak properly. Korang kena tgok sendiri and pegang. Baru paham. I personally like Spot UV. haih but pricey. full stop.
- Guna hot stamping if nak kad nampak ekslusif a bit. Harga pon reasonable.
So after know rough estimation costs on materials, type and size of wed cards, i decided to have postcard size which means sekeping depan belakang full color on art card (7x5inch), Matte lamination on both side, hot stamping on certain elements with normal white envelope.

3) Design

Cards Inspiration:-

This are just some of it. So orang putih kan? Huhu. I just like the colors and the simple design.
I want to put our pre-wed picture on the cover tooo!!!

So here is my first wed card design for my side.

Sorry that i change names and location to lorem ipsum (dummy words) for safety reason here.

So i show my parents for the design. and...
hahahaha because they feel it's not really appropriate to show the pre-wed pictures even tho we are not holding hands.
But i understand how they feel. Cuba bayangkan 20 years from now and i became parents during that time. n nak pass kad kahwin kat kawan2 surau. Time tuh gambar pre-wed sure lagi gempak zmn tuh. Sure i macam segan nk pass the wed cards kan. Ala2 mcm 'advance' nyerh la anak ko ni. camtuh kot. So it's ok. Gud designers will be able to come out with alot of other better options without neglecting their clients needs. In this case, my parents are my clients. I have to respect their opinions and thoughts too.

So here is my 2nd design:-

Their comments are ok. Just my mom ask me to change the font type a bit. Dad asked me to revise the maps a bit. The maps are tough to draw ok. Sigh. huhu. Ohs dad asked why blue? Can please add pink color a bit?

So here is the final design:- 

I added pinkish a bit. Told dad that i think it will be too girly if i add more pinks. So i think this is gud enuff. Plus it's pastel color! hehe. Rasanyerh ok kot. Everyone satisfy with this design or they have no option except to accept it as it is? :p Ohs card ni sure ramai ingt fold tengah2 tuh kan? which is tak. Belakang card ada map. So wut u see is wut it is. Takder lipat2. Postcard style.

The map will be show and share it for free here in this blog for any Johorean B2B reference after my wedding day kie. Selagi my wed day tak smpai lagi, rasa mcm tak sedap ati nk share all the things here. Sorry ok? Hope u guys understand.

4) Where to print the cards
We went to Jalan Pudu/Jalan Brunei untuk mencari tempat print yang murah. I really thought there will have alot of printing shops. But lil disappointed coz kedai print tak la byk sgt. Dalam 10 jerh kot. And dalam 10 tuh, only 3 shops was shortlisted. But okie kot since the price we got there are much cheaper than the price that i got tru emails in other printing shops.
So after estimate costs, balik dulu and we come back there after few days.
There was 1 shop siap cakap camni;
"I nampak u guys jalan dari tadi survey price dari other kedai. Baik u guys print kat sini jerh. I boleh kasik murah punya. Berapa paling murah harga dorg kasik u?"
"I can give you RM0.50 per-card with hot stamping"

Wah saper tak suka. 10 sen murah pon rasanyerh dah bermakna sangat.
So i pon dah isi dah borang deposit siap2, dah half way explain what i want.
What makes me stop was when he said;
"Ohs RM0.50 tu i tak boleh kasik u Matte Lamination. Kalau nak, tambah sikit. Ala if with Matte lamination tak cantik maaa, susah nak lekat dakwat tulis on the card."

What? Are you kidding me?
He can fool other ppl but not me. Especially when i know the difference between glossy, matte lamination and normal art card.

So we both say sorry and told him we will come back later. But of course we wont coming back.
We went back to the first printing shop and settle everythgs there.
So i think i got a fair price.
RM0.60 per card - hot stamping on certain words and elements, Full colors and matte lamination on both card side on art card, with white envelope. Card size: 7x5inchFREE wed poster - 2kaki x 5 kaki.
Total costs: RM420 for 700 pcs.

Although my budget supposely below RM0.50 per-card but haih ok jerh la. Malas nak carik kedai printing lain. I think u guys yg belum cari n punya banyak masa, maybe boley survey printing shop area Sunway/Subang and Serdang/Sri Kembangan. Sana kan kawasan student. Mungkin lebih murah.

5) Duration printing
Please aspect 10-14 days for them to print the wed cards. Before hantar factory, dorg send email untuk kita confirm kan all the files back. And you have to sign first before dorg hantar factory untuk print. Email tuh adalah dlm lebih kurang 10x between us. ahahahaha naseb dorg la deal ngn aku yg fussy. Although cards dah design siap2, tp dorg still kena seperate file untuk hotstamping. Jadi aku kena check balek all the files properly. Betul tak dorg alter file aku tuh. camtuh la. n ejaan semua kena check.

Eh so kedai aper yg i anta tuh? and how the outcome of my wed cards?
Huhuhuhu that's gonna be my next entry insyaAllah will be by next week since i pon tak collect lagi. Okei. Dah tgok outcome, baru la kita share info nama kedai tuh here.

Btw i love my wed poster so much. I think i design it pretty well. Nicer from my wed cards. I call it - Awan Nano poster. ahahaha. Poster pon last skali i share here. I hope the quality of printing will be nice too.

Hope u guys dapat some guideline berguna untuk wed cards korang kie.
Tapi mungkin yg buat ready made cards lain sikit proses nyeh.
Dua-dua pon ada pro and cons.
I gatal buat sendiri since aper guna jadi designer if tak design sindrik although my job takder kaitan ngn printing stuffs, tp i still have the knowledge to do it. Kalau other designer buat, sure ada jer i tak puas kot, at least if i buat sindrik, if orang kata buruk ke aper ker, i tak dulik janji i puas ati. huhuhuhu.

I think banyak2 part susah wed preparations ni, mmg wed cards la. Sebab kena berhati2 sangat2 and amik kira banyak benda. So sila buat awal2 yerh. hehe.

Bf punya design malas nk cter. ahahaha sbb nanti entry jadi panjang giler plak. So bf nyerh wed cards, nanti kita tunjuk outcome jerh kie masa next entry hopefully next week.

If ada paper u guys nk tanyerh, need my advice, boleh la email me ker or tinggal kan comments here.
Ohs btw i guna software Illustrator untuk design my wed cards. Apa2 printing stuffs pon, biasa mmg guna software ni. Photoshop boleh jugak tp tak berapa afdal la. 

Wahahaha panjang tak entry ni?

P/S: Buat postcard style wed card ni, selain boleh save budget, save the earth too sbb kuantiti kertas tak byk macam normal folded cards. Just my thoughts.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Which one?

Which one u guys want me to review first?

1) My wedding cards
2) My second session of Pre-wedding?

Macam ada jerh orang nak baca kan? Tapi pilihla. huhu. if ada yang interested la. tgh in da mood of writing ni.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

In between wedding preparations and overload works....

I hardly update any of my wed preparations this 2 weeks due to so many works and tight deadlines.
I have to work harder this year for my wed. And alhamdulillah byk gak freelance jobs masuk so kenalah bagi full commitments there. But still sempat baca blog posts korang pepagi sambil makan roti. hihi.

Tido tak payah cakap lah mmg dah haywire. Eyebags makin teruk but don't care lah. Nanti lagi sebulan nk kawen saya janji akan jaga mata ni properly. Nak beli any spa deal kat milkadeal n groupon pon rasa macam ish tunggu dulu lah karang beli takder masa plak nk pergi. But ill promise to grab one of the deal later. And will buy proper spa package and go for the session a month b4 wed. ok kan? ker nak g spa 2 weeks b4 wed? huhu ex-b2b, any advice on this?

But saya notice la kulit muka agak kering and kusam and nampak kurang bermaya sangat2. Walaupon saya takder masalah jerawat tp tak bermakna saya boleh lalala mode. Sebab kadang2 tumbuh gak bila too stress or too tired. So i dah start pakai mask muka. Seminggu skali. Tapi lepas ni nk buat seminggu 3 kali boleh? Macm best jer pakai mask muka. :p Any suggestion korg pakai mask aper? Ala mask muka pon bukannyerh mahal kan. Especially those korean brands. ehehe. my friend g korea balik belikan i mask muka. ohs suka bangat!
Kat korea, laki banyak jadi model produk kecantikan berbanding perempuan sbb wajah dorg yg jambu dan populariti dorg mengatasi celebrity perempuan. hihi hebat kan? so diana daniel or lisa surihani takleh cari makan kat korea. :p

Kelas menconteng muka
Last weekend, dalam busy2 tuh, i sempat attend kelas make-up by Anna - The Secret Dreamworld.
Alhamdulillah banyak yang saya pelajari dari dia.
I dah book nk g kelas dia tuh a month b4.
So busy tak busy kena lah g gak, takkan nk burn duit kan?
Hehe this is the last class of this year she said since she's expecting her baby soon.
I think dah deliver kot. Hope everythgs ok.
Ingat make-up kat bp nak amik dia tp awal2 dia dah btau masa i kawin tuh dia confirm tgh berpantang. hehe jadi tak der rezeki la makeup ngn dia.
So bila arituh dia iklan kan pasal kelas makeup tuh i mmg bersmgt nk g sgt.
Banyak benda i nk learn lagi bukan stkat makeup jerh, baking, jahit baju, semua kalau boleh i nk learn. Tapi satu2 la kan. Tahun ni belajar makeup dulu.
Sebab nyerh i need to learn proper makeup since lately ni asik kena attend event memacam.
So bila belajar make-up ngn Anna ni, barula tau cmner nk buat smokey eyes, eyeliner aper bagus, foundation aper best dan sebagainyerh.
Also benda yang paling saya nak tau 'face shading' since muka saya bulat dan saya mahu tahu macamana mahu menguruskan muka. :p
Tapi saya harap saya masih ingt lagi la aper yg Anna ajar. ahahaha kalau tak sia2 jehr g berguru.

 Masa amik gambar ni dah kol 6 petang. Lagipon amik pakai hpon jerh pon. Hiks.
gambar proper mungkin Anna akan upload kat blog dia bila dia dah abes pantang kot.

Ok guys. Enjoy ur weekend!
Weekend ni banyak lagi nk settle kan benda kengkawins at da same time nk siapkan kjr2 freelance yg sedia menanti. 

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Too pretty to be truth!

*awak, artis kesukaan awak dulu ni dah kawin. tak lama lagi kita pulak. :p

Baju cantik. Orang cantik. Make-up cantik. Tudung cantik. Warna putih sememangnyer cantik!
inai pon simple ajer. suka!

more pics, visit here.
All pics credit to G.i. Photoshoot

Monday, July 11, 2011

Super Dad with his Super Creation

Went back to hometown last weekend.
and my parents show on their progress.
Bunga2 pahar sudah siap. Amazing rite?
Bunga2 pahar done by them. Handmade 100%. I totally tatau aper2. Yg i cuma btau color kena pinky2.
Hihi nanti on my big day, i show it okie.

Then remember pasu yang dibeli and inspirasi dari google before?
I serahkan pada my dad untuk buat bunga2 ni since dia jerh yang berbakat bab2 bunga2.
Kjr kitorg ngomen and demand color camner yang nak. ee terok.
Nak tgok??

 dari depan
dari atas
"Abah, taknak buat business ker gubah bunga2?"
"Buat utk awak nyerh wed pon dah pening2 pala"

ahaha certain ppl do this for passion.
If i am gifted like him, sure aku dah buat business pelamin belakang bunga2 tuh. :p

hehe anyway i ask abah leh tak letak daun kat dlm pasu ala2 gambar ni.

Kalau rajin n ada masa la.
Apapon aku sangat la heppi tgok outcome bunga2 yang abah dah create~ :D

p/s: followers widget i probla. tak appear kat blog i. dah uninstall and install balik pon sama ajerh. aih. anybody tau naper tak? tak der masa la nk google for solution. huhu tp ber-blog ada plak masa. :p

Friday, July 8, 2011

July to do lists

my pre-wed photoshoot edited by me

I am so overloaded with alot of works lately.
Alot of dateline to meet.
I wanna cry. I wanna cry. but i will be strong. sobs.

Ok back to wed stuffs. Lets see wuts for July:-

  1. to print my wed cards
  2. to settle all the legal docs inc HIV Tests.
  3. bunting
  4. guestbook
  5. to follow up with all vendors make sure everyhtgs ok at their side
  6. beli langsir
  7. beli barang hantarans + decor
  8. beli tudung

eh? I think dats all? muahahahaha. I hope so since i keep on forgot about all important things lately. sigh.
But if i remember i will add on stuffs here.

 my pre-wed photoshoot edited by me

"Sayang jangan lupa b4 u g arab next week, u must settle all ur legal docs"
"eh maner boleh. belum lagi. dah nk 3 bulan baru boleh isi"
"minggu depan dah 3 BULAN OK!"
(bf checking calendar)
"eh yerla"
hehe yeah im dat garang and easily freak out lately. BF going to Arab again and we have to rush alot of things. Naseb baik side dia pon da banyak progress.
Ya Allah, semoga semuanya berjalan dengan lancar dan semoga both of us tak jatuh sakit rushing for all the works.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

HIV Test - Can i ask something?

Morning guys.
Just wanna ask.

Saya dari Johor.
Dia dari Selangor.
Akah nikah di Johor.
HIV test nak buat kat KL since we both work here.
1) Betul ker document/borang tuh kena ambil dari Johor then boleh buat test kat memana jerh?
2) Borang yang nak amik dari Johor tuh cuma untuk perempuan jer ker? If lelaki dari Selangor then takya amik dari Johor?

Tq for those who help to answer this questions. Will help me to understand the procedure better.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Pre-wedding photos and Photographer, Location and Props~

Tgok other bloggers nyerh pre-wed pics baru teringat entry tertangguh saya!

Hasil gambar.....NOT BAD!
ehehehe untuk si kaku seperti saya n pasangan, bagi saya dah ok sangat la tuh.
Harga yang kami bayar adalah sangat2 berbaloi since budget untuk pre-wed kecik jerh.
Ohs anyway, tujuan buat pre-wed shooting ni sebab hasil gambar nak apply di atas kad kahwin, bunting dan materials2 lain yang relevan.
Kasi semua orang tgok muka saya n alip muntah. ehehehe.
Alalala kahwin kan sekali. Nak gak merasa muka di mana2 sahaja.
Hehe. Jadi oleh sbb mmg nak apply kat those materials, gambar pre-wedding memang sangat 'behave'.
Saya gabungkan photographer, lcoation and props here sbb takot busy tak sempat nak update blog seminggu ni.

I just put few pics here. Yang lain tgok la kat photographer nyerh blog wokie?
Dah lama dah dia letak sajerh malas nk heboh2.
Sebab funny tgok muka sendiri kat blog orang lain. Tehehehe.
Dah redha n dah leh terima kenyataan yang diri sendiri tak fotogenik, baru lah kita warwarkan.
So my photographer is Hafizudin Hamdan.

Saya share few experiences sepanjang pre-wedding tersebut okie?
  1. This is our first time meet him. Know him tru b2b blogs. Thanks to u guys. See. I really read everyone's posts. hehe. Main reason y i choose him because the reasonable price and his portfolios are not bad. So for me, as i am designer myself, saya rasa takder masalah nak edit gambar sendiri, saya cuma memerlukan somebody untuk amik gambar sahaja. 
  2. Saya plan nak bawak helium balloons. Sedih tau tapi tak dapat last minute. Takda jual di putrajaya pon. ker ada? ker saya jer tak tau. Dah check Alamanda takder jual pon! Anybody knows, mind to share? Sebab if nak beli dari damansara a day before balloon tak tahan. Helium balloons tahan 8 jam je kie. Tak dapat la bergedik ngan balloons.
  3. He really knows to trigger our mood to pose. Make-up yang agak tebal membuatkan saya kurang selesa sbb cuaca petang tuh sgt panas. hahahaha lesson learn next time if bergambar di cuaca panas i wont wear fake eyelashes anymore. Nak senyum pon rasa berat naper ntah. So naseb la hafiz tak upload gambar2 aku yang nmpak pelik. hehe. anywhere, memula pelik gak asik suruh kitorg gelak2, dah penat dah gelak dpn camera. Bila tgok gambar, ohs gambar nampak gigi and gelak2 lebih cantik n neutral. ngeee. Tq Hafiz.:)
  4. Duration bergambar untuk price kitorg bayar 2 jam. Tp untuk kawasan yg besar and untuk trigger mood kitorg yang tak pandai pose ni mmg tak cukup okieee. hehehe. 
  5. Banyak scene/poses/props/expressions yang i plan to do i forgot and tak sempat sangat to do. So takperla. terimalah seadanya. Hehehe. mana tau alip baik nak sponsor lagi Pre-wedding part 2.:p so se-eloknya u guys plan, n tulis la kat kertas skit spy ingt. mahal kan bayar. so bergambar la puas2.
  6. Untuk sesi pre-wed ni saya admit kurang bersedia. Kurang plan.
Apapon, we enjoy the session so much. Thank you hafiz for ur patient handling us. :)
You sure can go far with ur passion. InsyaAllah.
Click here for his FB.

So enjoy this pics below and try to dig his blog for the rest of our pics k. :p

hihihi ni version edit kunun nk letak kat kad kahwin tp mak and abah kasi ker?
Mak, sila vote for yes if approve. wuwuu.

Cyberpark, Cyberjaya. Hehe reason sbb ini tempat kami selalu jogging dulu zaman belajar di university.
Bukan berdating tau. Eeee tak main la dating kat dlm park. :p
We just love the place and we think the scenery there are beautiful.

*If pre-wedding shooting kat park and kawasan luas and berbukit, and if u plan to wear heels, sila bawak slipper and flat jugak. So takder la penat menapak 1 park with heels. :)

  1. Laptop
  2. Starbuck tumbler
  3. Frames - to show countdown - will show later if necessary. :)
  4. Buih sabun
Haha dats all. Saya suruh alip bawak luggage sorong untuk bawak props ke mana2. :p senang.

Simple ajerh pre-wedding i.
But as i said, if i have 2nd chance of pre-wed shooting *hint bf*, i will have light make-up and focus more on expressions and poses rather than angles. Because i think that's the objective of having pre-wedding shooting. It suppose to reflect how fun ur relationship is not how serious ur relationship is.
So my tips for those who haven't go for pre-wed shooting yet:-
  1. PLAN ur pre-wedding
  2. IMPORTANT. This includes - photographer, props, attire and EXPRESSIONS. PRACTICE. haha coz i learn from our pre-wed. Most of our pics looks so serious. errr! So u need to know what u wants and control the situation. okie?
  3. Laugh as much as u can.
  4. Coz it looks more natural in the pics. Senyum nampak gigi kie. Takya nak control2 senyum. Sekarang i akan lebh berani amik gambar nampak gigi sbb nampak expression tuh lebih honest. :p
  5. Remind ur partner
  6. and ask him to remind u too for expressions. Means if naturally ur bf suka berkerut, pesan slow2 masa shoot tu, "sayang, jangan berkerut even panas camner pon okie?"
  7. Dun wear heavy/long fake eye-lashes
  8. if tak biasa coz trust me if cuaca panas mata macam ada gam. susah nyerh nk buat expression muka. ahahaha. Trust me Mascara more than enuff. 
  9. Time: Pagi adalah waktu yang terbaik
  10. sbb if in case u guys nak tambah time and photographer pon ok with it still ada masa sblom kol 12 tghari. So time between 8-11.30 am is the best. AVOID petang seperti saya  wuwuuu sbb cepat gelap. Kitorg start by 4.30 pm until almost 7pm. Masa dah tamat untuk shooting. tettt.
hehe itu saja. Harap entry ini membantu. hehe. Apapon it's a great session and experience for us! :)
But we still hope for pre-wed session 2 if ada masa n rezeki lebih. :p

(entry ni dah pernah post tp terpaksa re-post since b4 this tak ckup complete. Sorry if ada yg terbaca 2x and ter-wonder why.)