Sunday, June 12, 2011

Being charming.

Entry ni off sikit pasal kengkawin stuffs.
Just want to post this stuffs so that i wont forget why do i like him dat much and stay in this so long relationship like almost 8 years? hiks.

During in first - two years for being together
He knew that i hate taugeh that he helped to seperate the taugeh for me everytime there's taugeh in my food..

After 8 years being together
He still seperate the taugeh for me and helped to eat all of them tho i didn't i asked him to do so.

I think that's charming.
Sumtimes im being not grateful by said "y la im short and have a round face and not pretty. herms nanti kawin i tak cantik camner."
Haha then he replied. "it's ok u have pesona that people will keep wants to look at u"
auww i think dats sweet to still be able to listen to that even after 8 years being together.

I always told him before.
I always think u will fall for free hair girls who's hot u know. huhu
Then he replied; "What for. Im looking for a wife."

But just like i told my friends.
Charming is 1 thing.
Being sweet is 1 thing.
But ur partner must have quality as a good guy. Good husband.

When im down and upset, he able to advise me with some kisah2 nabi, isteri2 nabi and those things.
I never thought that would come from him.
I think thats charming.

He never asked any birthday gifts for all this years. Never.
He knew i couldn't afford pricey gifts yet im trying my best each year to give some meaningful gifts coz the stuffs that i got from him were priceless.
Yet all he asked when he went work outstation, "can u please bought me all the Mcds colorful glasses?"
I think dats sweet. but at the end i able to bought him only 2 glasses tho i have to took Large McD set that i knew i cant eat them all. pheww.

There's 1 time he went oversea with his friends.
When he returned he bought me alot of nice things that i still cant believe it why he being so nice and he knew my taste well. ahaha u see i only read about gud bf in novels or see them in movies but never thought i had the best.

Lately we dun have time to go for movies anymore and hardly go for any proper date.
We lost track whats the latest movies and all as getting busy with alot of things lately.
But dat doesn't matter as long the phone still ringing every nite and we able to update each other on our daily stuffs.

Hope our big day goes well.
Hope this relationship last long.
We almost there. :)
117 more days.


jooleata said...

so sweet.. :)

Cik Lijah - BuKan PuTerI CinDeReLla said...

sweetnyerh kamu rai.....!
ini kot pesonanye yg alip kata tuuu....hihihi...!

Lyana said...

i luv alip coz i got free things too :) alip munyet.ngeh.

iedchan said...

dat is freaking sweet..hehhe..wish u happiness ever after ya...hehe :P

NOUR said...

hye rai...wanny b2b dr selangor... tp tunang wanny dr batu pahat jugak...
huhuhuh~ nice blog follow me too...tq darl..

LisaLisut said...

rai. so sweet ok.hihi.entry ni mcm dh tlg i luahkan apa yg i nk luahkan jugak.hahaha.i pn sl baca novel2 n bygkan semua laki2 yg best dlm novel tu bole dpt kt i ke at least i can say i am lucky to have my fiance.hahah.almost 90% ciri dlm novel bakul angkt sndri pulak ;p

I always think u will fall for free hair girls who's hot u know. huhu
Then he replied; "What for. Im looking for a wife." --> even i yf free hair ni pn ckp mcm ni kat tunang i ok?;p n dia bg jawapan yg sama like ur fiance.hehe.yg penting hati.aww...:)

Rai said...

Jooleata: :)

Cik Lijah: saya tak sweet. dia yg sweet. saya selalu queen control. :p

Yana: huhu bengongs.

Iedchan: tq dear. :)

Nour: sure. thx for visiting this blog too. will link u as well.

Lisa: hahaha. i think kita2 pempuan ni suka kan pk lebih n bukan2 kan. agree with u. bersyukur dapat pasangan yang terima kita seadanya.

Cik Hazz said...

so sweeet~~ insyaAllah. wish you both will live happily ever after. amin. ;-)

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