Friday, June 3, 2011

Make-up for Pre-wedding session

Alhamdulillah dah settle dah satu lagi to do lists - pre-wedding session semalam.
Sebenarnyerh mula2 taknak buat. tp rasa nak buat. tp rasa tak nak buat. tp nak. Haha faham perasaan gedik begitu?
Banyak sebab kenapa nak buat or tak nak buat. tp rasa nyerh part tuh akan diceritakan lebih details nanti ok?

So for pre-wed session, i will seperate the posts by make-up, location, attire, ideas and of course photographer okie? Hehe.

So today about make-up first.
The part each gals can non-stop talking about.
The things that any man can't understand why the items are so expensive.

My make-up routines usually only applying liquid foundation, lil bit powder, eye-liner and lipstic and im ready to go to works or a date or to giant. :p

For pre-wed, just like any other brides-to-be, i want to make-up by myself because i want to save money on unnecessary things. But still i try my luck asked bf on either he wants to do the pre-wed thgs and do he wants to sponsor for my make-up as well. He said y not if the total pre-wed shooting + makeup costs are reasonable.

Hehe so to cut the story short, the total costs for the pre-wedding was very reasonable and i got non other than my friend, Ae to make sure i look pretty yesterday.

Ohs remember that day i told u guys i want to shoot at her studio? After discuss with bf, we decided to do the pre-wedding outdoor so we hire other photographer but still hire her for the make-up.

Ready to see her magical touch?
Pheww... I hope my mom still recognize my face when she browsing the photos below.


 Left picture: the normal me. Thats how i make-up. Only eye-liner and lipstick.
Right: Ready for the pre-wed shooting~
This 2 pictures were taken with iphone.

This picture capture by digital camera. Not sure with flash or without. hehe
Ohs btw i dun wear any contact lense.

Sangat berbaloi make-up ngn Ae coz she understand how the hijab lady like me needs. Dahla kelmarin play around belit2 tudung lepas make-up fail plak belit2 shawl. So naseb Ae sindri pon pakai tudung so she helps me with the shawl as well. Nampak lebih kemas.

Taktau nak cakap aper. Anda boleh nilai sendiri hasil nyerh. 
Ohs it takes me half an hour to remove my makeup because normally i remove my makeup with toner. Pfft.
I need to buy the 'real' makeup remover later for the big days.
So i asked Ae as well wuts makeup remover she used.
She used 'Silky Girl' - RM14.
I will get that too! Ohs i wakeup today with no skin probs. That's proof how good her makeup is. :)
If any of u need her touch as well for pre-wed/wed/any occasions, contact her kie before middle of July. Because she will expecting her first baby by that. :)
Today is her birthday as well. Happy Birthday Ae. Thanks again for everything~
Sangat-sangat puas hati. :)

Nak tgok pre-wedding photos? Kena tunggu lagi 2 minggu lagi bak kata photographer. ngeeee. Sabar okie. Korang kena bersabar seperti mana aku kena bersabar.

Huhuuuu okiela i think i share 1 pic with u guys. Teaser mestilah gambar dari jarak jauh dulu. :)

Review for others will coming soon~


Rabia Sensei said...

Sangat comel! =D

Cik Lijah - BuKan PuTerI CinDeReLla said...

gojes dear.....
ur eyes really stunning...
really like that make-up...
glowy sgt...kemas...cantek..!!!

for myself, surely, i'll wear that on my reception....
suka yg simple begitu....!!! hik3

Cik Hazz said...

Hi dear! lots of useful tips and info on your blog. nice! jom exchange link. i'm a new blogger ;-)

jooleata said...

wahh.. gorgeous! :) sangat cantik la you rai.. :)

cepatlah kasi tgok pics tu.. hihi

*teruja ok

anaztasias nora aira said...

gambar cantik !!!! nak lagi :)

LisaLisut said...

Rai.sgt cantik! i pon suka makeup dia.mula2 dlu i igt nk hire dia for nikah.ntah mcm mana angin apa yg i melanda i,i hire je 1 org trus utk both occasion.but still..i love her makeup.nice!!!rate pun ok.u ckp aritu dia kawan u ek?so lucky .hehehe

cik syahira (a soldier's gf) said...

assalamualaikum rai.

saya bride to be from batu pahat juga.
cantik pic pre wedding kamu (=

Rai said...

Rabia: tq dear! :)

Cik Lijah: tq dear. make-up camni mmg tgh in kan? yg focus kat mata. i pon suka sangat. :)

Cik Hazz: Thanks for visiting my blog. will link u as well dear. :)

Jooleata: Thanks Jooleata. huhu gambar2 kena tunggu. Photographer tgh edit. Lepas 2 minggu baru siap. Baru dpt 1-2 jerh dari fb beliau.

anaztasias nora aira: Huhu cantik kan? mari sama2 tunggu gambar2 lain. mintak2 semua gambar nice. dahla kami deduer ni kaku. huhu

Lisa: Thanks dear. aahs dia kawan i. ala naper u tak jd amek ngn dia. hehe kalau tak, boleh tgok outcome nti. Belah laki nyer wed i amek dia gak.

Cik syahira: Elo dear. Thanks for visiting my blog. :)

A.N.A said...

sgt cantik rai..suke tgk dia makeup..simple tp cantek..

.:shura shushi:. said...

Rai!! u c0mey

i already follow u n als0 link u =]

Hidayati Farhan said...

nice mekap. x opera cina. sweet2 je kan. amboi bg 1 jek gamba. hihi

Rai said...

Ana: tq~ mula2 ingt berat. tp bila lepas tgok dlm gambar, tak berat pon mmg just nice. they know wuts best for us.

Shura: Tq dear. Will link u as well~ :)

Hidayati: hehe tq. makeup dia blend well tahan smpai abes shooting. 1 jerh gambar dulu teaser la katakan. :p

LisaLisut said...

sbb dgr ckp org la i cancel dia tau.pdhal kalau i proceed dia utk nikah mst save budget skit..huhu takpela.nk buat cmne.takde jodoh dgn dia u r lucky babe!! :)

confirm dia said...

dear..ctik!!! cner nk pkai hijab cm2? tutorial cket..
anywy i blger baru..^_^

Rai said...

confirm dia: i main belasah jerh lilit. :p nway u can search for 'how to wear shawls' at youtube or just search 'hana tajima'. there akan keluar byk tutorial kie.

confirm dia said...

oh yeah!!! tQvm(^^,)v

0sh!Nz d' sen0r!ta said...

ingat artis mana tadi. cun sangat!! hehehe. lilitan shawl pun kemas! suka suka suka..

Rai said...

Oshinz: Alhamdulillah tq sbb suka.

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